our story

We believe simple is good.


Our family-run business makes three simple products with ten simple ingredients. We make our hummus, baba ghanooj, and falafel in the Pacific Northwest, and being true Northwesterners, we understand the importance of making food we feel proud of; food that we love feeding our family (our 4 year old loves to eat our hummus with a spoon and our 7 year old likes to eat falafel straight out of the fridge).


We have owned the business for eight years and have felt blessed by the positive response we have received. From the parents who let us know that our baba ghanouj is the only time their kids will ever think about eating eggplant, to the woman with cancer who told us that our hummus is the only product she feels like eating while going through chemo.


Making food for our neighbors is a wonderful joy.

Thanks for supporting our family, we are thankful you let us nourish yours.


-the arian family

real. local. family

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