Just discovered your Hummus at my local QFC. Finally, a Hummus without Oil. I love it.


After trying many brands over the years - I was blown away by how great your hummus is. It is BY FAR my favorite hummus. It is SO GOOD. Thanks for making such a wonderfully simple and delicious product!


I was standing in my kitchen, shoveling in crackers dipped in your hummus and thought, DANG!  This IS the BEST hummus I have ever tasted (store-bought or homemade) & I need to let you know!  Bravo!


 This is the best hummus I've tasted and the fact that it's no added oil is just a bonus! 


I just want u to know how grateful I am that I found your amazing hummus at my local PCC! I’ve been searching for a plant based hummus that didn’t include oil forever!

And it’s OH SO YUMMY!


Love your yummy hummus I get at PCC, esp. because there is zero added oil! bravo to that! (most hummus I see available to purchase places includes olive oil)


Your hummus is my absolute favorite.  I love it so much that it never lasts longer than 24 hours in my refrigerator!